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Acrylic painting 102

5 week class

Karen's Korner Art & Frame Gallery 

1405 Ben Sawyer Blvd

Mount Pleasant, SC 29464

All supplies are included

This second level group class is perfect for anyone who has some painting experince and wants to brush up on their skills or take their craft to the next level. In this class we embark on a painting of your choosing with guidance from me. I will be available to give tips and advice on things such as composition, color, brushwork, uncovering your own style, etc. I will also be giving some real world advice on different supplies and tips I’ve found helpful over my 30 years of creating. We will end the series with some helpful information on finishing off your pieces and possibly even taking your art journey to the next level by exploring opportunities such as art shows, gallery exhibits and displaying and selling your art work.

Acrylic 102 intermediate group class

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